Butchershop  Zijlstra was founded, by grandfather Harmen Zijlstra in  1946.

The Zijlstra name is a well known Butchers familie in the Friesland area.

This meat tradition is still active in 5 different meatcompanies in the province Friesland.

Zijlstra-Meat Wholesale is a young company with lot's of experience in the meatindustrie.

Most of our products are popular in the Gastronomy business, and besides that,we also

supply the foodindustrie with  products for the retaillmarket.

Our main market is Wholesale within the EU, and our clients are located from Sweden

to Portugal.

We only work with certified coldstores,  these companies will take care of our products and

will orderpick your meat on the most profesional way.

All Transport will be done by certified international transport companies.

In this way we can cover all of Europe on a profesional way.

 The New  Office  !

 A perfect office , so you can focus on the client !


We are using the facilities from                "Coldstore Gosliga Leeuwarden"

For any truck movements you can contact the coldstore , to avoid long waiting.


Client will recieve e-mail with orderconfirmation

Mix pallets possible:

- Loading next day

- Delivery within 48 Hours

- Delivery with Credit insurance

- Delivery according Nofota contracts

   contract 15-26-27 , can be downloaded



Because we work with the best transporters in the business ,we are able to fine-tune the delivery.

Contact with driver is possible, so no unnessesary timelosts.